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yummi_icons's Journal

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...>The yummiest icons around!...<>^_^<
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You *know* you just love all those icon communities out there! Well, now there's another one! Welcome to yummi_icons, a brand new icon community created by pixyteri

The main focus of this community is to have fun while posting icons -- ORIGINAL, unique icons. Any icons may be posted, but try to be original as possible! ^-^ And, if not, we can help you become a master at icon making! ^_-

There are a few rules, though. Havoc would be widespread if there were not a few, SMALL rules, you know? ^_^; So, here they are!

1. When posting more than 4 icons, use the cut code, which is [lj-cut text="_your text here_"] JUST REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE []s to <>s! This is just to prevent really long batches from taking up space on the community.

2. You *may* post "suggestive" or "adult" pictures, as long as you give a warning and put them in a cut code so they are not visible. Little kids can join, you know! ;_;

3. Try not to use this community *MAINLY* for requesting icons. You may request icons in *MODERATION*. Try to just post icons for people to use and view.

4. When you want to use an icon on "display", post a reply, asking for the specific icon, and *please* tell us if you want to share. >D Makes things easy.

..I think that's all! Not too hard, ne?

Keep in mind if you break a rule more than once and quite frequently, you can be banned from the community. Play nice, alright?

So, if you just want to show off your icons, share your icons, request an icon (in moderation), or ask for help in icon making, this is the place for you! ^_^

**Sister Communities**

**maintainer: [pixyteri]**

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